KSLQ 24-7-365

KSLQ 24-7-365


Quick, how many hours are there in a year?   The answer is 8,760.  And that's exactly how many ads you'll get in 2013.  One per hour.  Every Hour.  24 hours a day.  7 days a week.  If you're looking to get your business name out there this is THE ad deal for you.

Here's the complete scoop.

  • Your ad will run each hour of every day in 2013
  • The ad will be a ten second ad
  • The ad will run at about 50 minutes after the top of the hour every hour (plus or minus a few minutes each hour)
  • Your ad will run coming out of a song.   No other ads in front of yours!
  • In some hours, your ad will be the ONLY ad.  (Your ad will always be the first ad coming out of a song, and in some hours, your ad will be followed by another song).
  • The ad can be changed throughout the year.
  • You don't have to run the same ad 24 hours a day.  We can rotate up to six different versions of your ad throughout each day

There's only ONE of these packages available.   When it's gone, it is truly gone!

We were going to charge 25 cents per ad.   That would have only be $6 a day.   But we're going to offer this one and only 24-7-365 ad package for only 19 cents per ad.  


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